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"The ancestor of every action is a thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Scandinavian Pink Ombre Dresser with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 

As much as I like to forage garage sales and salvation army for new treasures, I'm constantly trying to declutter and get rid of stuff. My husband really likes to hold on to I guess one of us needs to have the courage to LET IT GO :) I was about to give this dresser away when I realized G&G would really need another dresser in their room. I don't know why it took me so long to think about painting it. I've painted 5 pieces of furniture with Annie Sloan chalk paint this year and when you're on a roll you just keep going. I have a love/hate (hate is a strong word here and it's not that bad but a definite disappointment) relationship with her chalk paint. I love the colors and that I don't have to sand or prime. But my first project, my dining room set nonetheless, did not work out as planned. But that is a story for another day. My story today has a very happy ending.

Dresser before:

I chose Scandinavian Pink for this dresser even thought I'm not crazy about the color at full saturation. I'd done some research and when diluted with white, it's a really beautiful pink. I used little plastic cups to mix my different sections. I started by doing 50/50 for the darkest pink. Then going lighter I did 2 parts Old White to 1 part pink. But there wasn't a big enough difference in the colors. So I ended up doing 4 parts white to one part pink for the darkest bottom drawer, 8 parts white to 1 park pink, 12 parts white to 1 part pink, and then 16 parts white to 1 part pink, and had the top drawer and body of the dresser in full old white.

Drawers done:

I did 3 coats of paint for each drawer and 2 for the main dresser.

Painted & Waxed!


I planned to use the original knobs but did not want to use the handles. I checked out Ebay and found the perfect ones. It was a group of 7 (just what I needed) for $3 and $2.93 shipping! Woohoo what a deal! I gave them all an update with some gold spray paint and the project was complete! I am thrilled with the final outcome.

I only used about half of a small jar of Scandinavian Pink and had a lot left over from what I mixed. I just mixed all my mixed variations together and ended up with a color in the middle. I'm sure I'll find a project for it!


DIY Elsa Dress

Like most 3 year old girls in the world today, it's Elsa Elsa Elsa all day long. When we decided to have a Frozen birthday party, Georgie really wanted an Elsa dress to wear for the big day.

I've made play dress versions of princess dresses before, so I knew I was up for the challenge.

But this time Georgie had a vision for this dress. She knew exactly what she wanted and voiced those desires loud and clear. That made me a little nervous because I wanted her to love it. I wanted something she could actually wear, not one of those polyester/itchy/poorly made/EXPENSIVE Disney manufactured dresses. But it still needed some princess sparkle. 


So I checked out pinterest and google for inspiration. Kuddos to all the creative moms out there- I found a TON of examples and ideas. I decided to use a basic dress pattern, letting the fabric and details to give it the Elsa feel. I searched my drawer of old patterns and found the perfect one; See and Sew B4160 Dress A. I especially liked that it said EASY! 




I should mention that my husband H-A-T-E-S glitter. But it's hard to have a princess dress without sparkle! And I'm sure with 3 daughters we are in for our fair share of glitter experiences. So when choosing a fabric, I carefully checked for glitter explosiveness. I found the perfect Elsa blue cotton with a glitter sheen to it. I didn't take pictures as I made the dress, but it went relatively well! I finished it during nap times and post bed times in under a week. Georgie was SO excited to wear the dress! She loved it!!!! Originally I had an iron on sequence floral applique around the neckline but that didn't last long. She kept picking at it and it came off.

I made the capes using this tutorial for direction. Unfortunately I totally failed to inspect the cape material for it's glitter adhesion, all I saw was a perfect length remnant at 50% off. These capes were only allowed to be worn on their birthday, outside. There was glitter everywhere. But she loved it! And the dress! She wants to wear it everyday and says it was her favorite birthday present. Mission accomplished.

This was a mashup birthday party of Frozen and Hello Kitty...which means there was also a Hello Kitty party dress to make!

You can imagine the many times I've been hearing let it go these days...thanks Disney. 


A Frozen Meets Hello Kitty 3rd Birthday Party 

Yupp that's right, not just one theme, but two! I love me a themed birthday, but this was my first mash up. One G is very into Frozen (I mean seriously, what 3 year old ISN'T into Elsa Anna and Olaf!) while the other G is very into Hello Kitty. So a Frozen Hello Kitty party was born. This must be a common dilemma with twins? I will say now that I'm drawing the line at duel themes. I can't imagine throwing each their own party. Especially since baby girl #3 has a birthday in august.

I do love that my girls' each have a summer birthday. Summer birthday parties are so fun and easy to plan. Just need the right mix of sunshine, cupcakes, and a backyard full of toys and boom you have a toddler birthday party. I'm mad at myself right now for not taking any good pictures of my party details, it's like I was focusing on just the people at the party! What was I thinking?! But really I'm quite proud of how all my pieces came together.

A few Hello Kitty deets-

My sister in law made these adorbs hello kitty faces using her cricut. I just taped them onto a dowel and stuck it into these polka dot pails I've used for like every party I've thrown over the past 3 years!

Hello Kitty Hummus- aka roasted beet hummus! A beautiful pink/red color and I felt it deserved a hello kitty endorsement. I love beets! I'm not sure it was the #1 food choice for everyone, but my 11 month old baby LOVES it. And I do too, so it's a winner.

Hello Kitty Dress- I whipped up a sweet summer party dress with Hello Kitty fabric for Genevieve. I'm going to make a separate post for this and Georgie's Elsa Dress...I'll link it once it's up.

Frozen deets-

Snowflakes in July! Who would have thought I'd be stringing 40+ paper snowflakes all over the place when it's 90 degrees outside. If only they provided some refreshment from the intense humidity.

Do you want to build a snowman? Thanks for that gem of a song, Disney. But seriously this "snow" activity was definitely the hit of the party for the littles. I found it via two sisters crafting. Just mix cornstarch and shaving cream, put it in the freezer, and you've got snow! My tip- if you can afford it, spring for a yummy scented shaving cream. I used the cheapest men's option and it was not so enjoyable for me. I doubt the kids minded, but for the hour I spent mixing and stirring, I would have greatly preferred a delicious pear escape or sweet strawberry soiree. **definitely put a tarp or plastic table cloth under the snowman station!**


Capes! What 3 year old wouldn't love a nice cape! Since I made dresses and capes for G&G, I thought our party guests would like to join in on the dress up action. I used basic white tool and cut it to be about 26 inches long, 4 layers thick. Then I did a simple baste stitch, gathered it, and stuck a ribbon and sewed over the basting. It only took maybe 10 minutes a cape. Each kiddo got a cape, crown, and Frozen necklace to wear and take home as their party favor. I had these hanging on the fence with a sign that said "Dress up like royalty!" Wish I had a picture of this- I was so proud!

Elsa Dress- again will make a post for this!

Seriously I'm so disappointed in my lack of any quality pictures of my time!

I LOVE doing these parties...but I can't help but feel like I have my life back now that it's over. Now I need to start planning something for Darcy's 1st Birthday next month! It definitely won't be the big first birthday I threw for G&G, but I think she'll have a great day. I'm thinking flamingos!



Time for an update...

Hi! Issues with my site and domain services have kept me from updating my blog. But I'm going to tackle those issues ASAP and get back into the blogging game! I've been super mom the past few weeks planning G&G's 3rd Hello Kitty/Frozen birthday party and now that the party is over I'm going to dedicate some time to desperate genie. I originally started this blog to organize all my genealogy adventures and to get them out on the web for other genealogy enthusiasts. But as life evolves, my daily activities and interests have expanded to include sewing princess dresses, hiding vegetables in muffins and decorating my house DIY style. Since this is what I'm up to, I'm going to share all the fun!

Stay tuned for a complete post on G&G's Frozen/Hello Kitty 3rd Birthday Party!