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About Me:

I LOVE GENEALOGY! I love history. I love old pictures, cemeteries, letters...I'm seriously a bit crazy about all this stuff. Genealogy is for everyone! This is real life movie material. Having spent nearly 5 years documenting, organizing, and researching my family; I've made some tremendous progress. But there are still many mysteries to be solved! I'm looking to connect with people to preserve the precious remnants of our past. I may not have all the facts, but my experiences and thoughts at 100% authentic. These journeys have changed my life.   

Now that I have 3 adorable little girls 3 and under, I have less time to spend on research but it remains a deep passion. Initially this blog mainly focused on genealogy. These days it has drifted over to crafting, kiddos, and anything else I'm into at the moment. I hope you enjoy my stories and that you find something here that inspires you!

I'm located in Upstate NY in the Albany/Saratoga Region. I have researched for friends and clients and really enjoy inspiring others to dig into their roots. If your pursuit brings you to my area, but you are unable to physically get here, get in touch and maybe I can help in some way. I can always go somewhere to take a picture, visit a cemetery..etc.

Want to know more but don't know where to start or don't have the time? You can always hire me to do the heavy lifting! Send me a an email:

Thanks for reading! Your comments are greatly appreciated.

- Abby (The Desperate Genie)